Hand-picked inspirations of the day: Day 23

Summer is almost over, and we start thinking about autumn/fall more and more often... Todays inspirations turned to be a mix of summer and autumn moods.

Schweppes and creative agency Black Milk have branded a geyser in Oeiras not far from Lisbon, Portugal.
A Schweppes bottle is made to remind all those on the beach and around that it's time to refresh with...well...of course Schweppes :) A really creative idea.

See it in action

In my childhood when I used to read a lot, one of my faves were pop-up books. They were really rare and thus were even more valuable. But I have never thought that one can make something like this in the pop-up book

See more pics of  NYC pop-up oand don't forget to visit site of the designer who made all this - Daisy Lew

These are three words that first come to mind when I see this really amazing and awesome packaging design made by Mookai Communications.
The notion of wine education and learning is delivered from the first look at the boxes where all sommelier's stuff is packed. When you open the box, wine tasting and sensing are instantly in the air. Just great! Amazing work!

More details about the project and more amazing pics

As I said above, the fall is round the corner and it's time to get ready. I recommend you to throw your old umbrella away and get one of these cool designer ones. Great looking. Practical. Innovative.
Your umbrella will be changing its color with the first drops of rain. You left home with a great looking white umbrella and... bang! what used to be white is now full of colors! Don't want white for rain? Get a black one instead.  Ok, just have a look yourself...





Working over a logo for house cleaning at the moment which is to be done in a retro style. Explored a number  of old labels, prints and logos and catch the feel of that time. In between found a really nice showcase of retro logos on flickr. Do have a look!

See all of them in details

The day is up, so is the post. Come, click, like, comment and come tomorrow for more. See you!

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