London landmarks. Creative doodles by Dimitra Tzanos

Love that doodling style of the artworks... Those small imperfections...Rough lines...It always give me a notion of something we are trying to catch while it's still here.. Something elusive which we have to capture... Though London landmarks are not those things which might be gone in the next second, but these doodles are a really great way of capturing them they way you saw them...Kinda first glance and first impression which is always right and proper... Enjoy these positive doodles by Dimitra Tzanos!


My contribution to 50th anniversary of the first man space flight

50 years ago we opened the space for the mankind... It was made by a person from a country I was born in and which doesn't exist any more... He died young and his death is still subject to rumors and suspicions... All details of this first flight of his are still not public and kept secret... What I know for sure, that it was a really heroic deed - to be first... to enter unknown... to dare and to succeed... Great job, Yuriy Gagarin!


Small compilation of vintage style drinks packaging

Here's another compilation from a fan of vintage and retro (though not a big fan of booze :) )
Neo vintage has already proved its efficiency when it comes to drinks packaging designs. It creates that special appeal which is crucial for the industry, adding even more to that "since 19xx" message or substituting it for new brands... In any case, it just looks cool... Enjoy!

Designs by Sudduth Design Co, Dossier Creative, Ivan Maximov

Thanks TheDieline for inspiration!


Visual representation of the mood #1

Being overloaded with work and deadlines, I finally found some spare time to make something side and not commercial... As a result a small card which I called a "Visual representation of the mood #1" Maybe that will become a series, maybe it will remain one and only.. Though it would be nice to make more of course... Hope I will have proper mood and enough time to design new ones... So far enjoy this #1...

and just in case, it says in Ukrainian something close to this
Clouds are like zeppelins... Spot of sadness on the grass...
Phone is looking for the rhymes... To tell you everything...


More great black and white photos of Iceland by Michael Schlegel

Good news for all of you who enjoyed a previous set of awesome black and white photos by Michael Schlegel - he is back with part 2 of Iceland pics... Same enigma, same meditative spirit, simplicity and beauty... Words are really not needed here, just enjoy...

More pics from the series on behance


Best packaging designs of March

Following the idea of creative designs compilations, here's a set of packaging designs that I bookmarked during March. Thanks the best packaging design site TheDieline for these inspirations... Enjoy!

Designs are by Louise Fili, SMR Creative, Anna Visual Bakery, Richard Arthur Stewart, Sandstrom Partners, Savage Diplomacy, Meat and Potatoes, Sussner Design