Awesome scandinavian spirit prints

Another great guys I keep an eye on are one of the best interior design blogs - Freshome. Here are some really nice scandinavian mood prints to be a great add on to your interior or just a great source of inspiration for your new designs.

 This one should definitely be added to the moustache blog :)

More posters from this series here


Old good moustaches graphics

One of my favorite blogs that I follow is a moustache-blog, and though new things show up there not too often, but those which do are really cool and exciting... So, here are some more moustaches for your inspiration... I wonder if there's a beard blog somewhere to compliment :)

Hand-picked inspirations of the day: Day 89

Yeah, I'm back and no longer giving promises but just posting when have a spare minute :) Things are really getting excited this year... A really interesting project for a mobile location game, an agreement with nice internet marketing company and of course logo design projects for all of my new and old good clients.
Now you see why finding time for blogging was quite a challenge...
Maybe not of the posts will really be "daily" but they still be hand picked and the cream of the crops...
Stay tuned!


Twitter fashion. Follow my legs...

Who told that you can get twitter followers only online when commenting, sharing, posting, etc, etc... Tatto socks from post prove that offline can work well for that too.. if not better... Though for the maximum effect and efficiency you must have nice long legs and I guess be a female, so that your potential followers can follow your legs to follow you online then :) Don't forget to @yournick with marker when going out :)

No wonder they are sold out on etsy

Star Wars episode told in icons. Great graphics by Wayne Dorrington

A new arrical to my collection of Star Wars graphic works... I really love it's growing and brining in new things on a regular base...
This one is really cool... The entire episode is told using icons only... The creative idea by Wayne Dorrington deserves attention of those who have already seen the Episode 4 and those who haven't (I wonder if there's anyone among my readers)
So, enjoy the idea and great implementation... And yes, click to view full size for more details...

Hand-picked inspirations of the day: Day 88

I know it's hard to believe but I'm back again :) Don't wanna promise anything this time, since my design life this year seems to be totally unpredictable :) Yet, here are some nice things I couldn't but share... some are not typical since fashion stuff doesn't show up here often, and the other one is thing I'm getting obsessed with - cool and unusual Star Wars designs, be they prints, illustrations or creative video.

Just the way the today's number is...

Thanks crazyc78 for this creative pic

My design of Scrubdin business card is featured on CardRabbit

Business card design that has been made for scrubdin as a part of the identity design and which has been already featured in top 18 cards of December, now showed up on CardRabit site which shows off unique business cards... Well, I'm really happy that my work is liked not only by the client but by someone else who values all the effort that was put into it... Thanks


Designs that keep me busy

No blogging for quite a while :( Just some posts here and there... Even my twitter is already missing at least a RT not to mention some new fresh shares... And all this is caused by those people who are tend to be known as clients... Those who give us bread but take our blood :)
I'm into several concurrent design projects at the moment and just to be polite with you and to let all of you know that I havent forgotten about my readers and guests who come here for the first time, here are the things I'm working over at the moment... A glimpes of some work in progress... I know it can't compensate a daily dose of design inspirations, but at least it's design, it can work for inspiration and it's fresh :) Enjoy!


Awesome collection of moleskines full of great skecthes by Mattias Adolfsson

Some of these trully amazing sketches by Mattias Adolfsson have been already featured on my blog. But now you have a really great opportunity to see them all as complete moleskines... Thanks new technologies and of course Mattias who placed all of his great works on behance... Definitely go there to see the full list of his sketches...


Positive mood in illustrations by Nathaniel Eckstrom

When the last winter month is outdoors and you feel like spring is around the corner, you definitely some extra power and stregth to fight these last winter days... Just have a look at these great illustrations by Nathaniel Eckstrom and you will get a positive energy burst and your mood will inevitably get better... These pics are so positive, cheerful and nice...

Amazing graphic calendar for a beer company

And here it comes - another calendar of a new 2011... This time it's a great piece of black and white graphic from ISE Ratinan Thaicharoen. The calendar is made for SINGHA beer and takes the love story as a main plot of the entire calendar... The characters are taken to different locations from month to month creating a really exciting story afterwards when you get to the end of the calendar... Lots of details and great technique... Well done!


Hand-picked inspirations of the day: Day 87

Finally, finally, finally I'm back to blogging and got some nice things to share with you which have been dusting in my bookmarks for quite a while....
So to cut the long story short - enjoy new great representatives of graphic design in today's set of inspirations...