5 best inspirations of the week. Week 13

And here they come, the last top 5 week inspirations of September... Unlike most previous best 5's, this time there're almost no graphic design, which I think is some progress of my own selection skills :) Enjoy and come tomorrow for the top 10 of September... That's gonna be a tought choice...

A really nice collection of invitation cards for your inspiration

Wow! Wow! Wow! A really amazing collection of invitation cards... Lots of styles, occasions, and types... Whether you just need inspiration or want to admire what other have created, here's a really nice set of greeting and invitation cards... Since I picked those I like the most, you may check the rest of them, in case our tastes don't macth :)

Collection of amazing typography portraits

Typography in itself is amazing art.... And I really want to master it one day... But when its power of visual expression is mixed with a more classis art of portrait, then the result is simply amazing... The works are really worth worshiping and admiration...

Even more typography and mosaic portaraits

Before & After: Packaging redesign for Tortilaland by TDA

An importance of packaging design is out of doubts...To a great extent that's what influences our decision to buy or not to buy.... I would definitely not but tortillas in such a pack

but will really think and may even get one when it was redesigned in such a way...

Thanks Dieline for inspiration

Small but great photoset of Polish seascapes by Maciej Leszczynsk

Though I don't think I will see something as amazing as the Iceland photoset soon, but these photos by Maciej Leszczynsk definitely deserve being shared with you... Now I even more want to see the North of Poland as an addition to the central and southertn parts I've seen...


Creative fascinating animation video by Johannes Timpernagel

Video animations are back... Love them... And after Gary, and some others that have already been featured here, here's one more by Johannes Timpernagel... More conceptual, less straightforward, somewhat surrealistic but at the same time really fascinating and making you watch and wait to see what happens next... Just have a look yourself...

Hand-picked inspirations of the day: Day 65

Weekends are typically low on Internet activity, yet some interesting things were found  and I'd like to share them with you. And you know, there'll be no Helloween there :)) So, here are some picks for you and definitely come tomorrow to check the best 5 of the week... See ya!


Logo design for an innovative product

The work week is completed, and so is a logo and tag label designs performed for an innovative product - tote scarf... Really like the idea of a concealed zipper pocket to carry some basic stuff when there's no bag handy... I personally think it will be good for mobile, Ipod,  earbuds and stuff like this...

alternative version for web

Tricks and illusions by Nils Nova. See to believe.

Trick or treat? This time it's definitely a trick :) Or better say an optical illusion created by Nils Nova and his huge photo prints... With the help of large photo prints he created an alternative dimensions and gets you into a world whihc hasnt existed before... or existed in a bit different shape...

More optical illusions by Nova