A true story of designing a Double Rectangle logo

I really love the logo and the way it was created. Just don't think that all logo designs are made like this and in under a minute :))


Spionage iPhone game designs have finally landed on Behance

It took about a month to have all things done - number of screens, cover and characters... Though most things have been validated from the first version, yet it took enough time to do final tuning and adjustments. Yet, everything is validated and is already in process, so it's time for a small presentation, especially since it has been already announced.
So, here are some screens of what has been designs and see much more with the details on behance... Enjoy!


Amazing print work for Luckyrice 2011 festival

Today I'm gonna share with you an example of great campaign branding. A really awesome pack of a festival guide and a set of flyers for subevents made for Luckyrice 2011 festival. Considerable amount of graphic elements well balanced by nice typography. All that is printed on toothy papers to add more to the style and atmosphere of the event. Really great job which is a pleasure to an eye. Enjoy!

See more on behance


Great print designs by Blush with extensive use of letterpress

As a big fan of letterpress effect in print design I couldn't miss this amazing portfolio by a UK studio Blush. A typical use of retro theme though with some nice contemporary styled designs there too.
Just another proof that letterpress can make any minimalistic design look even better... So be good and listen to designers when they recommend to use letterpress for your prints :)

Thanks lookslikegooddesign for inspiration


Awesome illustrations by Anna Rusakova

Here's a collection of works by one of my favorite Behance artist whom I follow and enjoy every new project being posted there... This time Anna made a generous gift by publishing two projects at the same time, so I can't but share those with you (not ASAP unfortunately, but as soon as I got a spare sec from designing)
Projects are different yet with her certain style and technique that I and many other creatives and regular people like and enjoy. So, whoever you are, enjoy!

More works to be seen here and here...


Creative and thought provoking animation by "We are lwz"

A nice, well-designed animation which makes you watch it to the end and leaves questions to think about when it's over.


Inspiring and enchanting Lviv in photos

Some of the pics recently taken in Lviv during one of the trips... A really amazing city which inspires me every time I'm there...