Design a Day. Day 79: Love Is Hand Made

Was designing a wall sticker for one German company and got inspired by one of the decals I made. So, here it comes - Love is Hand Made.


My logo Man in Hat featured by Logo Nest

Well, finally I did it! My logo is selected by Logo Nest and to be published in their first annual book.
That was one of my New Year resolutions, so now it got a tick as completed :) Really excited about it.

Design a Day. Day 78: Love Gives U Green Light

Well, I'm almost at 80 designs, though I have to be at 100.. :( Feel like new work routine will put me even further behind... But anyway not going to stop... Especially, as long as green light is on ... Meet day 78 design - Love Gives U Green Light


Design a Day. Day 77: Love Is Invigorating

Late hour. Cup of tea and some cookies... Ain't it great and sweet? Just the way it is every time when we sip hot tea and feel how energy and life go down the veins... Actually, just the way LOVE does... That's why Love Is Invigorating...


Set of Dan Brown inspired T shirts

In between the Love Rules of the 365daily, designs are being done here and there. And I guess some things can be shown not only on my folio site. So, here are some T-shirts designs which were made recently. Some are funny, some are good for everyday wear but are all inspired by Dan Brown and his works.

view other tshirts on behance network


Design a Day. Day 76: Love Can Fly

After previous post I've got a lot of mesages saying that it was too gloomy and untrue and what not... So, this time it's something light and positive :) Leave your notebook and get out for some fresh air and love!


Design a Day. Day 75: Love Passes Away

Well, first of all, to avoid any questions - evth is ok, nothing happened, mood is great and I'm fresh from watching a soccer match :)) Just another rule :) Love Passes Away


Design a Day. Day 74: Love is Faith

Ok, ok... I missed one day again... but this time I have an excuse - it's Easter preparation... On the other hand, the holiday inspired me for a new design... A quite symbolic one... So, Happy Easter! Believe in your feelings and evth you do when in love, since Love is Faith...


Design a day. Day 73: Love Is A Joke

Well, I hope you havent thought that I quit the 365design challenge, huh? :) March is over, that was a good month in financial terms, yet hard in terms of work load.. So, April is here, expect it to be even more exciting and with more time for my love rules... So, first day of April in of course an All fools' day inspired design