Top 10 inspirations of August

Just as I promised yesterday, here come the best of the inspirations that were found online during the last month of Summer. So, meet the top 10 inspirations of August.

DJ star logo designed

The last day of Summer was ended with a completed logo design for a young and promising DJ and producer - VictorG aka DJVik.

Good mood is around. Inspiration pics from De Vatpan Studios

Usually guys from De Vatpan Studios make creative pics of different cities opening new places and showing new angles.
But some of their pics just tell you - you've spilled some coffee? take a closer look - there's so much beauty in it... Getting wet under the rain? Just turn around - enjoy this moment...and remember spilled coffee :) Got stuck in a traffic jam? Close your eyes...See? The candies... and your morning jam...

Always smile! See more for great mood...

Cut my face :)

After roll-cuts, it's quite natural to turn to the portrait-cuts... An old good art of silhouette pictures... And one of the real master scissors artists is Karl Johnson. Evertyhing is done totally free hand... No lasers, no software, just hands and scissors...

According to ApartmentTherapy, you can even get your portrait made by this great artist if you happen to be on September 11th from 10am - 5pm at Babesta Cribz on 56 Warren Street.

Vintage labels for your inspiration

Vintage and retro are cool! Their colors, shapes and fonts are such a pleasure to an eye after glossy, reflective, bla-bla-bla web 2.0 things.
And I'm really happy that clients who come for designs are not afraid of asking or considering some retro feel in the logos or/and stationery. Thank you!
If that's not your first visit here, you must have already noticed that I like retro style. So no winder that here come a new set of cool vintage stuff for your and my inspiration.
This time - Pharmaceutical Labels.

See more of vintage labels here or even more right over there...

Between Bears animation

As a huge fan of bears and all bear stuff, I just couldn't but share this great animation by a a designer from Israel - Eran Hilleli
"Between Bears" is his graduation film at bezalel academy of art and design.

Magic of a paper roll

How often things we treat as not even everyday objects but as trash or something that brings extra mess into logic of our everyday life, turn into something really exciting, touching, and great. Some people call it magic, others call it design and creativity.
See how a regular paper roll can tell a story...

But the real magic starts when the light is turned on...

See more roll-cuts art by Anastassia Elias or follow her on Behance for great illustrations, collages and of course more roll-cuts.

Hand-picked inspirations of the day: Day 27

Summer is over. Period.
The blog passed over 1000 visits and following my reader's comments this week is going to be a little experiment. Instead of all in one posts, all inspirations will go as separate entries. I still will share 5 of them daily and get 5 best at the end of the week. And also planning to make top 10 of the month tomorrow.
So, enjoy new inspirations of the last day of Summer and come back tommorow for a first set of Autumn one.


photo by QuinnAnya


5 best inspirations of the week. Week 4

And here we are -  the first month is up! And here are the 5 best inspirations of the last week of summer. Maybe they are somehwat dark or sad... But aint it the way we feel when summer is over?

Check the rest of the top inspirations from Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3

Hand-picked inspirations of the day: Day 26

The last Saturday of this summer... The greatest day of the week after Friday... Actually it comes right after Friday :) Guees there's some magic in it :) So, then let's enjoy these magic inspiration of the day that has gone.

Another proof retro is hot. A great set of retro images and backgrounds designed by Norrasak Ramasute of YouWorkForThem. I guess I can't express the idea behind the project better than it's done on the behance page of the retrsopective
"Retrospective, an image collection traveling back in time to reincarnate patterns of design periods long forgotten. Old fashioned, retro, timeless, classic, or whatever you wish to call them, these images will bring a unique and aged feeling to any of your projects. 

Check other designs from Retrospective

Today I was really impressed by great work of Marcel Buerkle. It's not just great design of logo and packaging but is really awesome rendering of the packaging with lots of details. Really impressive work. Just have a look.

It's really hard to believe those are just rendering and not real objects. 
See much more of this great packaging concept on behance


Idea of an egg office is definitely not new, as well as an idea to use a close to perfect egg shape for different product designs. But this time, an egg shaped personal workroom is to be placed in a Society’s new business centre. A creative idea to maximize privacy in a public place.

Thanks appartmenttherapy

A little black book to carry your iPhone or The Case, Vol 2 for your iPad, these are the things that can bring class, style and convinience to your everyday interaction with your pet-gadgets.

This video skyrocketed my mood yesterday, so I bet it will do the same to your whenever you'll be watching it. Enjoy and smile!

Take you smile with you to Sunday and let the weekend be full of positive emotions.Come tomorrow for the best inspirations of the week and check those of the previous week so far.


Hand-picked inspirations of the day: Day 25

And it's Friday! Weekend time! And to make its start even more exciting, here are new inspirations picked during the day.

Best packaging desing site Dieline made a really interesting experiment today. The entire day is devoted to designs of one studio only - Proof Wine Collective. And must say that was a good move! Lots of great wine packaging designs.

And these are just a few of those great designs you will find on the site.

Some creative and funny ads have been already posted before and now they are back with even more wits and creativity.

Though we seem to know that image is worth thousand words, but more and more often we see that well-designed typography can tell even more than an image. Not even mentioning that, IMHO, a great typography design requires much more style and balance feel.
So, though books are actually full of words inside :), the words have already got to the covers to promote themselves inside :) And I must admit they are doing well.

See more typography-based book covers

Yesterday post referred to some really nice print works by Spanish designer, today we go to Argentina to enjoy bright and colorful works by a designer from Argentina Pablo Lobato.
Like another famous Pablo, he also utilizes Cubism technique to portray people from the world of movies, music or politics.

Many other great designs of his are waiting for you

These guys have been already mentioned here for their great packaging design. And the site I found thanks to them made me really impressed.

It's even better inside! ;)

Well, that was Internet how I saw it today. Versatile and exciting! Just the way a good weekend must be :) So, let's rock the weekend! Come tomorrow for more inspirations to make the weekend even more exciting!