Inspired by Internet. Day 9

As I promised yesterday, today I'll get a full scale set of inspiarations as a compensation for those small versions which were caused by my trip to Lviv.
So, here we go. And first thing today is a logo design for the BP redesign contest.

As most of you know the GreenPeace announced logo design contest created a real buzz in the design world. Actually not only there. With a lot of designs contributed and a lot of views and traffic generated, the design initiative of the GreenPeace became really global. And finally we know who the winners are. I'll show you only the judge's choice, which is

I really like it, and guess it gives not only the notion of what happened but also a vision of the future, when oil companies will sink because of the policies they keep to...
See other winning entries and logo designs or go and read more about GreenPeace activities.

A really nice concept, which guys from Yanko design found in the depth (or width) of Internet, is really catchy. 
I bet many of you wouldn't mind having a gadget like this.
Straght line, measures taken on the fly and possibility to fix some flaws with an erazer!  Hmm... sounds like an Adobe's product :)))
But that's just a Constrained Ball designed by Giha Woo.

Check more pictures of this ruler-killer

That's awesome! One of the most useful and REAL things that were recently designed, prototyped, produced as test versions, bla, bla, bla...
This thing really works! Up to 20 kilos of weight, and some minutes to have it ready. Ain't it amazing?! Shopping has never been that easy! (I bet it's already copyrighted)

Read more details about this amazing product named Move It or get to know the guy who desgned it ( i.e. David Graham)

For those of you who can't imagine life without mushrooming or for those who are creative enough to keep some mushrooms in the interior, Great Mushrooming company presented mushrooms lamps on Design Festa 2010.

The lamps are made from dired reused wood and glass mushroom shaped lights. So even things we thought would never be used again can get a second life in creative hands. 

To some extend inspired by Hirt's pills cabninet (IMHO), a new pop art object has been given birth by Julia Chiang.  Huge and sweet installation made of pop rings.

I would even call it an interactive installation, since the rings melt under the exhibition lights and leave the traces on the wall. Thus we have a dynamic and changable iart object.
On the other hand, if you let kids lick this art, it will be gone even faster than under the hot light of the projectors.

This one is just to watch... to enjoy... to dream of getting back into childhood but with all of this interior objects around. So, enjoy the best of children's spaces from Apartment Therapy's kids site Ohdeedoh
Here're my faves... especially the second one...An awesome book storage with in-built sleeping nook...

Well, I've just finished my 3d cup of tea in a row,so it's time to wrap up... Come tomorrow for more great inspirations. There're always some here...

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