Hand-picked inspirations of the day: Day 24

Nice day. Tomorrow is Friday. Weekend is already looming head, so why not to give you more inspiration for this last workday ;)
It happened that today most inspirations are from print design, so you will have a lots of cool stuff to look through.So, here we go!

Amazing design work by Family Tree Design. And though some of them don't look the way I used to imagine them, it doesn't matter, since all of them are sooo freaking cool! Love the style all posters are made in. Definitely great work!

See the rest of the family :)

This one is just to look through and admire... and to laugh... A great collection of funny yet great designed t-shirts some of which are real art objects. Pay attention to details in some of them.
Here are some of my faves from that list.

Much more waiting for you...

Here're some nice design from a Spanish design studio Lucia Castro. Great use of typography, well-balanced simplicity, feel of style and simply great works.

See more designs from their portfolio. And I absolutely recommend to visit their site. Lots of great works for your inspiration.

I always believed and still do that simplicity is the key. The key to style, great designs, better and more organized life, etc, etc...
And here's one more example of such an approach. Identity and gift boxes for Sofi, handmade soaps, designed by Bratislav Milenkovic.

Check the rest of the identity images. Especially the boxes in black. Loooove them!

Well, I must confess that I have never before heard of washi (Japanese paper) and of course about dolls that can be made of this paper.
That's why I was just carried away with these small dolls (10-15 cm tall) designed by Kyoko Okubo. Each of them tells a story, delivers a message and makes you smile, think, imagine... It makes you interact... You just can't be indifferent seeing them.

Absolutely have a look at other works of hers here and here

Great positive end for the day. Let the next day be even more exciting just the way the new inspirations will be. Come tomorrow for more! See you!

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