Inspired by Internet. Day 15

A new Monday of new week and a new set of inspirations that I hand-picked for you today.

The first entry today is a really awesome short animation about cinema made out of 35 movies that were compressed into 2 minutes. The graphic and animation work by Pascal Monaco is really amazing... The most characterstic features and elements of the movies are picked, simplified, transformed and shown with great artistism and skills.
Do recommend to watch it.

With so many Tetris inspired products being already on the market, another one seems to be no surprise. But this one seems to be the most functional up to date, IMHO.

Easy to assemble bright and colorful elements will definitely be a lot of fun for kids and teens... or some adults who want to get back to their revolutionary childhood and block all the entries to a TV set or a fridge :)
The concept seems to be really viable, though I guess it's more for some playrooms and kids zones than for everyday use at home... Speak your mind in the comments!
And see more pics and a video right here

Following the interior design topic, let me show you a nice set of wall lamps which are integrated with the small shelves. A really practical combo, so you can place you glasses, keys, etc... On the other hand... Seems you will anyway have to turn the light on first to find the lamp :)

Unfortunately can't refer you to the official site of the manufacturer (Zeroombra) since one under .it domain is under construction and the one on .com domain  gets an unsafe report from a browser...

And again I want to thank guys from Sweet Station who digg out some really awesome stuff online... This time it's a US artist Marion Peck.
I've seen some of her works before, but just didn't know who the artist was. Now the puzzle is completed. A really awesome representative of pop-surrealism. The works of hers are naive and werd, attractive and scary... You just have to see them once to know whether you love them or not...

this one is one of my faves

See much more of her works and leave comments as for whether you like or dislike her works

An amazing concept of electricity pillons. An ideal thing for new legends to be born.  I guess that's how many legends appeared in Middle Ages and the period of Great Geographic Discoveries... You get to a new land, you see something you've never seen before, you make some assumptions and here we are - a new legend is born.
So, welcome to the Land of Giants :)

Much more pics and details of this work by Choi+Shine Architects. Do have a look, it's interesting...

Well, that was a last entry for today. New day has already come, so I'm already digging for new inspirations for you... See you!

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