Inspired by Internet. Day 4

New day and new impressions... Today I've got a real mix of things. From a Magic Chair to cute and romantic pandas :) So, I bet you will find something to your liking... So. here we go... And as promised, the first thing is

Transparent plates used to make this chair make a great use of the optical illusion to make us believe what we see... Just don't forget to keep those plates crystal clean to keep magic in the air :)

To see how this magic thing looks from a different angle, have a look here
Thanks TrendsNow

A great addition to a contemporary house. A climbing library... Like a house inside the house. A reader's retreat... I personally would really like to spend days and weeks there... Roaming around... finding that perfect book to read and then hiding in a reader's shelter to enjoy the intimacy of the reading process...
Damn, looks like I haven't read for quite a while... :)

Get an overview of the library here or get into details including the detailed plan of the climbing library here

Couldn't stay aside from a creative campaign by Patrizia Pepe for the autumn/winter collection. Not as witty and cool as DIESEL campaign of course but not as plain as "revolutionary" BURBERY's one

Oh, and yes - I love the typography... See the rest of the posters...

When ribbons are no longer pieces of cloth in your hands, then they transform into something totally different... and then it's only your creativity which is a limit... Awesome ribbon art by Maeda Baku

More exciting ribbon art to be admired here

A photos of style and fantazy... A balance between a fairy tale and alternative reality... Awesome pictures by a 25 year old photographer from Spain Ibai Acevedo

Get deep into other reality right here

Well, another day and another set of inspiration is over... New day, new inspirations, new ideas. 
Stay inspired!

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