Inspired by Internet. Day 5

Happy Friday to the world :)
And here comes the Day 5 of the Internet inspirations... Today I tried to pick a bit of everything... Fashion, graphic design, furniture and architecture... Things that made me excited and left some WOW in me...
So, here we go!

Unless you live in a large villa, loft or a penthouse, you typically always think - Damn, I wish I had more space... For all those, who strugle for an extra square feet/meter, UK designer James Howlett created an amazing coffee table which can transform into different combinations - a table and two chairs, a bookcase, a dining table, etc

Read more about this amazing transformer or get an indepth look

Thus don't save on diamonds. And if you can't earn enough to present some diamond jewelry to your beloved one, then get 29 Euro (i.e. about 38 USD) and get a sparkling diamond to bring light into your romantic life... Provided you know how to screw in a light bulb :)

I think the light shed by this "diamond" must be really interesting to view... So far you can view some more pics of the Diamon Lights

Do you love travelling just the way I do? have you ever pinned the maps indicating the places you've been to? Yeah, that was years before GoogleMaps came :) While some people throw the maps away, others, like a French artist Elisabeth Lecourt who is currently creating her awesome stuff in London, make them art objects

Aint those really cool?! Just a regular map.. folded, adjusted, fixed... and here we go - a fashionable art object...  View some other great pieces by her here and here

Home... Home sweet home... Family nest...  Some people understand it way too literally...

Rahel Hegnauer, an artist from Zurich made such an installation to bring the notion of the family nest into everyday routine of the city... 

I'm just not sure whether the neighbours from a lower store are really happy with that... I guess that nest definitely blocks some light for their balcony...
Have a look yourself...especially here

Yes I like tea... I like hiqh quality tea,,, and I also like Chai tea by TAZO which is hard to get here and which is always welcome as a gift if you decide to present me some :)
And nice packaging matters as much as quality of the tea leaves... That's why I'd like to share some that I really liked... And was ready to taste tea inside just the very minute I saw the packaging...

Great design work done by Kristen Haff a yound designer from the Academy of Art in SF. 
More Bigelow tea packaging shots to enjoy here

And a thing which I was simply carried away with today. An awesome ad of facebook, youtube and skype as if it were done in 60's. Just awesome!

Digg it here, if you like it. Though it already got more than 1K diggs. But it really deserves it!

Well, Friday is over. Time to enjoy the weekend! And I promise not to waste time and get more cool stuff for you tomorrow! 


  1. Nice , keep it going ..

  2. Thanks for support! I definitely will...