Another featured logo

Logos are getting to love on their own when they are saved/printed/uploaded,etc.  This time a pleasant suprise is from a "clobber" concept logo which is featured on iheartlogos.com The fact which I can't but enjoy. Wonder which logo of mine gonna be next featured and where...


Another my logo is featured on Logogala

While daily design work keeps me away from 365daily submissions, the things I have already designed are living their own life not only on the clients' sites and printed materials but on logo galleries and other inspirational sites... This time, it's Belle Morgan which showed up as a featured one on logogala


Design a Day. Day 72: Love is Lucky

It takes a while to get to designing my love rules for 365daily... especially it's hard when you have stuff nose, coughing and heavy head .. nevertheless, he comes a new one... Do hope to get well by Monday, so some luck won't hurt...


Design a day. Day 71: Love is Rechargeable

Been away for a while but now I'm back after a small break, since I simply can't put it aside:)I'm in love with Love Rules :) Though some rest will definitely be needed to keep creativity flowing. Actually same thing with Love - don't forget to recharge it, because Love is Rechargeable :)


Design a Day. Day 70: Love Needs A Pair

Finally I got to 70 designs and 40 Love Rules. And again thanks an everyday object for that..err... maybe not quite everyday for all but yet...it's kinda regular thing :)

Design a Day. Day 69: Love Must Be Held Tight

As was already mentioned in some of my previous design - we can find love in everyday objects. We just need to cast a closer look. Or maybe just to feel it to find. Though when it comes to real love, one should not only find it but do the best to keep it because Love Must Be Held Tight


Design a Day. Day 68: Love Is Green

A design which couldnt but come today :) Happy St Patrick's Day! Meet Love Is Green
Think it green or think it envy :)

Design a Day. Day 67: Love Opens All Doors

Another design inspired by daily objects. How good to know that each of us has such a magic key :)
cuz Love Opens All Doors


Design a Day. Day 66: Love is a Sin

Food matters :)) Got to the fridge for some fresh fruits and returned to the notebook with a new idea for the daily design :) Well, in case you still don't know, I remind you - never take apples from a stranger:) Love is a Sin

Design a Day. Day 65: Love is Magic

I think that Alice in Wonderland by Burton had its inpact on me even before seeing it.. The idea of miracles and wonders has been in the air and it has finally transformed into a new daily design - Love is Magic


Design a Day. Day 64: Love is Butterflies in Your Stomach

I guess, this idea should have come first:) But better later than never. So, now you have a chance to remember or at least to visualize how it was/is/will be :) Remember, huh? :) Love Is Butterflies in Your Stomach


Design a Day. Day 53: Love Is Nudity

Actually I have planned totally different design for today, but this idea made me so excited, that simply couldn't resist sharing it with the world :) So, meet a universal truth - Love Is Nudity


Design a Day. Day 52: Love Is Not A Piece Of Cake

I love when ideas come out of the blue... Was drinking tea with an apple pie and remembered a nice English phrase... The design idea came immediately - Love is not a piece of cake :)


Design a Day. Day 51: Love Is Power

Well, I'm going on with the designs inspired by everyday object we see around daily... Now it's one inspired by a button I start my day and finish with... So no wonder, that Love Is Power :)


Design a Day. Day 50: I Want To Believe

Today watched a TV program about the X-files, my fave TV series, and idea of the today dailt design came right away... So meet Day 30 of my 365daily challenge... X-file edition :) I Want To Believe


Design a Day. Day 49: Love Is Curious

That's funny how everyday things can turn out to be a source of inspiration. As it's been already proven thousand times, close the notebook, look around and you will find thousands of inspirations sources... Devoted last some days to looking around when outside and found lots of things to be used for my Love series... Following the elevator inspired design, here's one inspired by a thing I see daily when leaving home and when coming back... So, here comes - Love Is Curious :)


Design a Day. Day 48: Love Elevates

I guess living on the 9th floor has finally got impact on my designs :))) Meet the new 365daily - Love Elevates


Second logo featured on Logogala

Well, it was my birthday and I got a really pleasant gift from Internet - got my second logo featured on Logogala.
There's one more pleasant thing, but will need to clarify whether I'm allowed to post it online.
So it's coming soon I guess :)


Design a Day. Day 47: Love Is Memory

Just got really nice birthday greeting from a good friend of mine whom I havent seen for a really long period of time, and who knows when I will see next time...
That evoke some nice and pleasant memories and inspired for a design which was done almost instantly... Love Is Memory...