Stunning foodscapes by Carl Warner

Food has been a part of art for ages... From primitive engravings, through Flemish still life paintings and up to stock images and print ads... From merely being depicted, food has finally oozed into art and became a part of it... Let's just mention food clothes by Ted Sabarese as one of the vivid examples... Carl Warner has gone way further and created a new direction in photography - foodscapes...  What he makes is just awesome... He not just takes stunning shots and creates these trullu out of this world landscape out of food only... One should have a really creative vision to put all those vegies, fruits and what not into a mindblowing landscape...

and a nice video which reveals the secrets of the making of..


Branding and identity design compilation

Here's one more set of the designs that make my heart beat faster... Really great works... Again with great typography and mostly with retro feel I'm just in love with... Lucky those brands and companies that can boast having all this designed for them... Enjoy the works by Cody HaltomJavas LehnWe Made This and Bethany Heck

Thanks lookslikegooddesign for inspiration

Awesome and stylish commercials for language schools

As an ex teacher of English as foreign language and as a designer at the moment, I couldn't but enjoy these great videos made by Gustav Johansson for language schools promo... Great idea, great typography used in the videos (mmm... really delicious...) and of course great cut and editing... Do have a look at all of them... They are worth it...


Cool set of mixed media creative works from David Fullarton

That's that direction in design which I secretely adore, maybe cuz all my attempts to create something of a kind just failed...
There hasn't been much of it featured in my blog, except maybe awesome moleskine works by Anna Rusakova
So, it's time to fill this gap with nice works by David Fullarton... There's style in them, there's art, there's technique, there're emotions... There's everything you need to call these works creative... Enjoy!


Collection of cool print designs with a touch of retro and great use of typography

After a really long break I finally got to all bookmarked creative stuff and trying to make some compilations, to compensate all those posts I missed while working on designs projects... So, some things will be individual, are some will be combined into creative compilations, which I believe is no worse...
So, here's a small set of really creative print designs which make great use of typography and show that touch of retro or primitivism making the final result even more impressive...
Enjoy the works by FreshtrillsWalter Hansen, and Eric Kaas

and thanks lookslikegooddesign for inspirations