New Year desktop wallpaper

Just as promised, a wallpaper for your computer to enjoy the holiday mood of Xmas and New Year....





Merry Christmas to the world!

All my best wishes to all of you who is celebrating Christmas... Let love, joy and wisdom guide you towards your happiness.
Enjoy the hollidays, enjoy the festive mood, enjoy the life! Since there're some many great people around, there're so many great things around, and of course there're so many great designs around!

So, here's my small gift to all of you... Feel free to use it as a greeting card if you like it...

P.S. Wallpaper version coming soon...


I need another 24 hrs a day...

Looks like everyone wants their logos, banners, cards, graphics, etc, etc done by holidays, be it Xmas or New Year... Thanks God someone created Post Its years ago, so I can keep track of all things to be done...
But... on the other hand, no time for blog posts :(
Sorry, guys... Follow me on twitter and facebook so far for some liked and shared links... I promise to be back from January 3d with old good daily inspirations...

Have great holidays!


Amazing vintage collages by Ukrainian photographer Daniel Polevoy

What a pleasure to feature works from a Ukrainian creative...Especially when these are really creative and unusual... The idea of vintage collages is definitely not new, but the way it's implemented by Daniel Polevoy really deserves your attention and admiration... Lots of attention is paid not only to the photo manipulation itself, but to the style, atmosphere, message which is delivered by the pics... He makes a really great mix of vintage and unreal, vintage and present, vintage and future, ...Oh, and also another good add-on to the Star Wars designs again :)

Do click images to view full size not to miss all the details

Thanks guys from SweetStation for inspiration


Star Wars posters. Get yourself a part of the heritage.

When I saw these Star Wars posters by Olly Moss, I just couldn't but post them here... Looks like I'm gonna have a rather profound collection of Star Wars graphic design soon... Which I can say I'm proud of :) Enjoy!

Posters are on sale here


Amazing identity design for The Buro cafe by Inventaire

Here's what would have been posted yesterday , if I hadn't seen that amazing video...
Yet, what I have today is also amazing and deserves being shared with you... A nice and complete identity pack for The Buro cafe, created and designed by Inventaire
Nice logo, unusual combo of fonts and styles... Balanced, sometimes agitating, yet meeting the main idea - unique and attractive... Great job!


Filmography 2010. A totally awesome video compillation. Must see!

Will tell the truth... A totally different post was planned... But I saw this video and changed my mind...
I do believe that it requires lots of skills and what more - knowledge and understanding of the movies to make this kind of a video... Trully awesome! Watch it and realize how many movies you haven't seen this year.
Hey Oscar guys, add this video to the show! It deserves it!

Interesting and unusual illustrations by Charlotte Le Bon

One of the recent discoveris of mine is Charlotte Le Bon and her really unusual illustrations... Though there're many designs and designers who keep to this pseudo-primitivism, but not all of them do look natural and appealing in their simplicity and what many may call absurd... Works by Le Bon are really natural and one treats them just like another great graphic design which deserves being admired, printed and hung somewhere for other to see and say - Hmm, there's definitely something in it...