A small December break

Ok, I have to admit... December is hell of a hectic month... Everybody wants designs for yesterday, New Year preparation, gifts searching, and all that Xmas and New Year hustle make daily updates of the inspirations close to impossible... Thus I made a decision  -  I make a small break for December... Just don't want to give you something which is not well screened, pre selected, and something which you may find boring or not interesting...
But... I'm not vanishing... And new design inspirations will still be here... Just they won't be in a regular 5 new every day format... So, keep visiting, since in any case there will be at least one nice thing waiting for you here every day.
Have a great holiday month and don't forget it's 18 days till Xmas.

P.S. By the way, I've got my own promo Tshirt recently :) How do you like it?

P.P.S. Just in case... That's not me on the picture :) Real LukeSF can be seen here

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