Design a Day. Day 46: Love is Babies

Was rambling around the town deciding where to have my birthday party and I guess subconsciously saw enough prams to result in this - Love Is Babies

Design a Day. Day 45: Love Manipulates

Well, the end of the work week,,, Guess I was even sleeping with my notebook, so no wonder, that today's design is what it is :) Love Manipulates


Design a Day. Day 44: Love Is Heart's MIrror

Whether it's due to the fact that I'm currently working facing the french windows in my room, or that I was fresh from bath when getting to design this one, or for whatever other reason, but today the design is with some philosophic message... Love Is Heart's Mirror
P.S. Had to add a touch of other color for more vivid mirror effect


Design a day. Day 43: Love Rocks

Long hard day which ends with loud music in my headset and a new daily design which got its birth from the head the headset is on :) Guess I shouldnt listen to loud music for so long :))) Anyway, here it comes - Love Rocks!


Design a day. Day 42: Love Is Bla bla bla

Another active day with lots of tweets and clients talks... So I got the inspiration for a new daily design  Love Is Bla bla bla :)


Design a day. Day 41: Love Is Gambling

When the rule number is 21, there's simply no other way as to make Love what it actually is to some extent... Love Is Gambling...


Design a day. Day 40: Love Drives

From my two previous submissions with Apple and Vancouver Olympics  I've noticed that some event or brand-based designs get more exposure online... Whether it's a matter of indexing or just people are more interested in those things more than in love, but the satistics proves  - those designs are seen way more often.
So, on a second thought I decided that whenever possible I will try and add the event or brand to my love series to see whether this rule keeps working. So, here's a first conscious effort. Love Drives: Audi Edition


Design a day. Day 39: Love Is Sweet

Whether it's spring coming, or just my organism is tired of winter, but I definitely feel like I need some sweet stuff... be it cherries, strawberries or sweet love :)))
Because Love Is Sweet :)


Vancouver 2010: Love Unites wallpapers

Here are the wallpapers to keep some love and sport on your desktop :)


Design a day. Day 38: Love Unites (Vancouver 2010 edition)

Whether it's my skiing experience or the fact that the whole planet is watching winter Olympics in Vancouver, but I couldn't leave it aside and even made an exception and added color to my today version of the 365designs
Enjoy, Support your country. And share this design with the others if you like it.


365daily on facebook

Alongside with flickr, my 365daily designs and everything about them can now be found in a facebook group 365 designs...

Come and join me and other people there

Design a day. Day 37: Love Is Global

Well, I have to confess... I sacrified the 365designs for my first skiing experience... Thus while others are already dealing with the 40+ days I'm still in my late 30's ... Hipefully will get into pace pretty fast... So far, a design inspired by a great atmoshpere of an international ski resort... Love Is Global!


P.S. In case wanna know what was that that took me away from daily designs, have a look here


Design a day. Day 36: Love Is Priceless

An obvious statement and hardly disputable... yet I leave it up to you to decide whether Love can measured with price tags... My answer is here... Love Is Priceless


Design a day. Day 35: Love Takes Time

Still can't get in pace with the daily count, honestly if not 365logoproject I would never know it's already day 40, but I have just day 35... Shame on me... So, it's all cuz of time... which we desperately lack... and you know why? because Love Takes Time :)


P.S. Also tried some mashing ... just for fun... so here's a more 3D version. hello Avatar :)))


Design a day. Day 34: Love Wakes U Up

Well, I guess for all of you or at least for those who fell in love, such a feeling when you start seeing the world totally different as if you just woke up will be pretty familiar... So, never forget that Love Wakes U Up... Or, and don't oversleep tomorrow... It's first working day of the week :)

Thanks @ttinka_b for inspiration

Design a day. Day 33: Love Turns Your Head

Well, it's part the midnight, so it's quite ok to post a new design for a new day. Something everyone should bear in mind when falling in love... Actually the same effect can be when you stay until late desiging ;) So manage your time and don't forget to get some food regularly :) Enjoy the new design  - Love Turns Your Head


Design a day. Day 32: Love Makes U Hot

Looks like I start a new month of 365daily... And it's February... Love month :) So, it's quite natural that the first design for February is this one - Love Makes U Hot :)


Design a day. Day 31: Love Lends U Wings

Yahooo! I completed my first month of 365 designs...So, there are 334 designs left :) Just the good point for further inspiration not to get stuck in creativity loss... So, hightime to get Love as a personal assistant because Love Lends U Wings :)


Design a day. Day 30: Love Makes U Cry

Hard day. Half asleep. Guess not the best Love design, but still... Love rulezz :) And makes you cry cuz of sadness and cuz of happiness... Oh, and onions are healthy :) Though definitely not leading to hugs and kisses :)


Design a day. Day 29: Love Gets U Warm

It's snowing again... and the coldest winter month is here...Looked outside, and realized... when nothing helps, there's only one thing that gets you warm - Love... and a scarf :)))


Design a day. Day 28: Love Hurts

Ladding behind with my daily submissions but don't want to sacrifice quantity to quality and inspiration... So, here we go, Day 28...


Design a day. Day 27

And a matching, or actually opposite for the previous one but the one which makes a perfect pair: )

After some feedback from my friends added a new version...

Design a day. Day 26

There was lots of work to be done... recently, so just got to designing something not commercial just on Sunday... Decided to investigate the opposites of love... So here comes a new pair...