Getting ready for new year

Well, the last few days and the next upcoming are pretty hectic and busy... Lots of things to do, lots of gifts to buy and wrap... Pleasant yet time-consuming activity which leaves almost no time for blogging, designing and twiting... Promise to come back asap and, of couse, if something very interesting, exciting and worth your attention happens, I will find a spare minute to post an update.

Oh, by the way, here's one of the things that kept me busy over the weekend  - my new year tree :)


Christmas Greeting card in vector

Here's my contribution to Xmas fever and freebies... A fully editable Christmas card in ai format. Enjoy!


An awesome ABC of branding poster

A great poster with a touch created by a graphic designer Jason Dean. Inspired and baed on the logos of the largest world brands this poster is available in limited edition of 500 copies only for 50 USD. Hurry up to grab yours! Can be a nice Xmas gift for any graphic designer.

Thanks TrendsNow

Nice snowflakes vector set

A great set of snowflakes in vector format. An absolute must for all your creative work this winter.


An awesome nursery rhyme abour freelance

Happy holidays from freelanceswitch

Xmas designs

Red and white is everywhere. And though there's more than enough white, reds are not yet dominating...
So, why not change the things and spice up the white winter with bright red spots from Bodum


Thanks designyearbook for inspiration


Designer vs Client: The sequel video

A video which is believed to be a sequel to a popular Designer vs Client video.
Mind some explicit words.


Hark Business Communications logo featured on Coroflot

Another small achievement with my logo for Hark Business Communications being featured on Coroflot.
Though it happened almost a month ago I just found it out, so why not to bring a good news in :) Well, it's even more stimulating now to find some free time for designing on holidays :)

A logo story: from sketch to life

Was trying to clean up some creative mess around and found my old notepad for logo sketching and just doodling for ideas... One of the logos that got the most drawings was a monkeyhippo logo, which was designed for one of the logo design contest and had to enjoy second place instead of being a winner.
Nevertheless I thought that could be interesting to follow the creative stream of consiousnes once again.

So. First came the requirements "website/blog/online store whose mission it is to promote and perpetuate social enterprise by featuring products and services that donate portions of their proceeds back to charities" Monkeyhippo was chosen to reflect two sides of the human nature and also to represent Africa where the store has to operate.

First came some ideas and sketches...

the version which got some positive feedback was this one

Then came more sketching, doodling and thinking over the recieved feedback

With some final tuning and adjustments, it all results in this


Winter has finally set

Though it's not about design, but it's definitely about life :) Today woke up and found that winter has finally set. So damn excited... Kinda a real childhood feel, when look out the window to find that everything is white, and New Year is inevitably coming...


Got my logo featured on LogoGala

Happy to say that my logo got featured on LogoGala

Design Job Q&A by David Airey

A nice interview from Davi Airey as for finding and securing a design job. A kinda short Q&A

The following four questions are answered:
  1. I’m moving abroad. Do you have any advice for design job hunting?
  2. How should I make initial contact with the design studio?
  3. Should I offer to mail the studio a printed portfolio?
  4. Do you have any interview tips?

Tips for finding and securing graphic design jobs from David Airey on Vimeo.

Personal logo attempt

Well, in between designing for others, I finally found some spare time to get to my personal logo... It's just one of the ideas but would really like to know others mind on that... Praise and critics are equally welcome :)


Awesome and yummy organic packaging design

Couldn't pass by this amazing design without sharing it with you. A really great eco and organic feel created by Lindsay Perkins.

Moreover it's accompanied by a creative (and not yet so widely used) idea of making all packaging universal by putting all products names onto it. Usually one can see it when it comes to coffee blends on the cups in some coffee houses.

So when you want to let a customer know what's inside you simply mark it (circle, highlight, etc) and bingo -  personalized packaging for a product :)

 A really pleasant and natural look. I guess feel too. I simply adore all paper of that kind.

via popsop 

Back to PS

Well, the Angel Day is over. Had lots of greetings and a really nice evening with friends. Now back to work and designs.
After several months working with Illustrator it was quite unusual to come back to Photoshop on weekends... Never thought some features can matter that much. Anyway, adjusted pretty quickly, so I'm back in the game :)


Going into Marketing on the Social Web

Got my  "The New Community: Marketing on the Social Web" book. Gonna have a deeper look. Among a number of articles and brochures I've read this one seems to be the most promising in terms of practical application.

Wonder how I will combine it with "Caffeine for creative mind" that comes next week :)

Xmas is in the air

Now I know what it's like when Xmas is in the air... :)

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Art Directors: Charles Morand, Frédéric Royer
Copywriter: Charles Morand
Photographer: Yann Lepape
Print production: Marie-France Capri, Gaël Cheval, Jean-Luc Chirio (Elysian Fields)

I'm back!

Well, I'm back to my blog. Haven't been here for a while and finally I think that it's time to reanimate it. Some things changed, some new things happened, so I guess I have what to tell and what to share.

Come here daily for some new thoughts, inspirations and simply to share your mind with me or whoever else happen to be my guest here.

See you :)