A logo story: from sketch to life

Was trying to clean up some creative mess around and found my old notepad for logo sketching and just doodling for ideas... One of the logos that got the most drawings was a monkeyhippo logo, which was designed for one of the logo design contest and had to enjoy second place instead of being a winner.
Nevertheless I thought that could be interesting to follow the creative stream of consiousnes once again.

So. First came the requirements "website/blog/online store whose mission it is to promote and perpetuate social enterprise by featuring products and services that donate portions of their proceeds back to charities" Monkeyhippo was chosen to reflect two sides of the human nature and also to represent Africa where the store has to operate.

First came some ideas and sketches...

the version which got some positive feedback was this one

Then came more sketching, doodling and thinking over the recieved feedback

With some final tuning and adjustments, it all results in this

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