Victorian style packaging design from Penhaligon's

With extensive use of retro and vintage in packaging design, nice examples of such a style really deserve being mentioned. Penhaligon's is one of them.Packaging of their classic perfumes and soaps which have been manufactured since 1870 keep the style and feel of preserved qualities and attitude... And that cute bow of theirs... Great design!

Thanks Dieline

Extensive compilation of chalkboard use in interior design

Today post on AppartmentTherapy about chalkboards inspired me to look through a bunch of interior pics I have on my HDD and make this small compilation of chalkboard use in interior design.
Though I personally don't think chalkboards are good for kitches, especially when it comes to wiping the chalk, but they definitely add to creativity of offices and kid rooms.

I definitely can't mention all the sources of the pics since they have been gathered for quite a long period, so whoever feels and knows that he/she has to be sited as a photo source you are welcome to drop me a line.

An intro to typography. Amazing easy going video course from Karen Kavett

Well, we've told a lot about typography here... even already looked inside the type in a course of type anatomy.
Here's something that you might have been waiting for...an easy-going and friendly video course in typography by Karen Kavett. (love her logo BTW)

History of the light bulb. Creative photo sets.

With all those cliches of creativity, ideas, etc around, a light bulb still does one thing the best - gives light. Though quite often we take the light in the room or above our sketchbook or notebook for granted, having forgotten that it has to go a really long way to get where it is now... And Catherine Wagner made great photosets to remind us of that... So, here it is a history of a light bulb...