Hillarious video about designing a stop sign

That's definitely an old story but yet... It's just as funny as sad.. Just the way the reality is...Clients vs Designer in its worst case... Thanks goodness I havent come across any yet. Hope you too...


Design a day. Day 24. Thanks Apple.

Loaded with work... No time for daily updates, but just couldnt leave the presentation of a new toy by Apple aside... Thanks guys for a daily inspiration :)


Design a day. Day 23. Love Rule#5

Going further. And as in the previous rule, there's a merge of love and math... This time a representation of infinity,,, number 8 and rule #5 - Love Is Great...


Design a day. Day 22

Going on with the Love Rules series... With St. Velentine's Day getting closer and closer, will try to keep with the Love Series until February 14th... Hopefully I will manage it :) So far, meet the rule #4


Design a day. Day 21

Another Love Rule for all those who follow my daily submission or simply for those who wants to know more about love :) So, here it comes, Love Rule #3


Design a day. Day 20

Going further with the Love Rules and 365designs challenge... Meet the Love Rule#2


Design a day. Day 19

Decided to keep going with the LOVE theme... this time we go to a higher grade  - gonna learn Love Rules... So, here it goes, Love Rule#1


Logorama video

Welcome to the designer's paradise or nightmare :) A Logorama, a unique video based all around logos and mascots. Lots of fun watching and spotting famous logos here and there. Great work and lots of fun. Errr... and some language and actions under parental advisory. But still it's a must watch for any designer! Enjoy!

La vie des marques from Materialiste Paris on Vimeo.


Design a day. Day 18

More or less within the schedule and keep playing with the Love idea... Strange for winter but inspiration is overwhelming (pity no time for all ideas) So, here comes a Love Equation #7


Design a day. Day 17

One more Love Equation for you...

Design a day. Day 16

And here's Love Equation #5

Design a day. Day 15

Love Equation #4... Tried a bit different style for this one... Liked it more personally...

Design a day. Day 14

Part 3 of the Love Equation series

Design a day. Day 13

Part 2 of the Love Equation series...


Design a day. Day 12

Trying to get into pace with the 365designs... Hopefully this weekend will let me do that:) Here comes another triptych... though maybe it will be a series ... So, here we go... Love Equations...

Love equation #1


Design a day. Day 11

Here comes a third part of the Arrowsville triptych :) and a day 11 design... The Underworld... Liked working with those... Now wonder whether to continue or switch to something new... What do you think?


Design a day. Day 10

Sleepless night and short dream inspired a continuation of the Arrowsville story :) here comes a part two of the possible triptych - "Going South"


Design a day. Day 9

Looks like I am already lagging one day behind... Don't know if the approaching deadline can be an excuse but... I owe you all one more design:)  So, first comes my design for day 9... I called it an Arrowsville landscape... Maybe it will give a start for a series or at lest a triptych :)


Design a day. Day 8

Day 8 of the new decade is coming to an end... Actually it's three hours already is it's day 9 here, so here comes my new design for design something a day... This time it's something inspired by a number of things, ranging from a book by a Scandinavian writer I used to read when working in a language school and finishing with a tune by Wham! that was playing in a taxi on a way back home...


Design a day. Day 7

Day 7 is over and it's time to present a new design of the day. This time it's inspired by my fave radio station Lutsk FM and the guy who makes me feel the rythm of the music and discover some new aspects of night life of a designer :)

Cheers DJ Max Freeman


Design something a day is on flickr now

Actually just want to let everyone know that I've created a Flickr set for Design something a day initiative. So from now on you can track my updates here. Bookmark or visit from time to time for something fresh and creative.

Cheers and see you on

Design a day. Day 6

January 6th. So it makes it a Day 6 of Design something a day initiative. Following previous card submision, now it's also a kinda card or a poster-to-be...
Pay attention to details... They do matter... Even small changes can make big things different...

Design a day. Day 5

I'm still keeping within the time frame, though it's getting harder and harder, since holidays are almost done, and clients are getting back to their demands, deadlines and updates. Yet, work is good but one shouldn't forget about other things happening in our lives. My good friend has his birthday today, so an idea of a universal one-fits-all greeting card came to mind... here it goes... feel free to use (would appreciate if you drop me a line saying thank you) if you ever need a last minute gift or greeting :)

P.S. I made it 150 pxls, if someone needs a 300 pxls version, let me know and I will upload one too.


Design a day. Day 4

oops... I almost missed it... Was a really hard day yesterday. First working day of the year, so I had absolutely no chance to design something... But... I'm still in the game and here's my somewhat late submission... Do hope I will get into pace and have one more by the end of the current day... So, here it comes - a designer's dream... inpsired by my color dream I saw at night... and basic shapes :)


Design a day. Day 3

So far so good. Day 3 and I'm still in the game :) And I really find it exciting... Today came from a small walk in the winter forest and already had an image in my head I wanted to design... Though I first thought of a winter scene only, afterwards it turned into a four seasons set...

Click to enlarge and enjoy!


Design a day. Day 2

This time some Photoshop... Played with the photo taken in Lviv... Adore this city...


New year grunge wallpaper

As aI promised in my previous post, here come the wallpaper versions for the Day 1 design of "Design something every day" initiative. Wallpapers come in three widescreen resolutions, so you can pick one to match your display settings. Hope you'll like them.




Design a day. Day 1

So, New year is finally here, the new decade is counting down, so do the 365 days of the new year of 2010.
Thus I thought that Smashing Magazine's idea of designing something every day is a great match to my new year resolutions (to come online soon).
Thus while I still have zeal and enthusiasm I guess I should start. So here comes the official statement :) - I will do my best to generate one creative thing a day, be it a photo, a graphic design, logo, packaging, label or just a creative sketch or doodles.
And here comes the day 1 design... 

Wallpaper version to come soon...

Look back here for my daily updates of designs...

P.S. Happy New year!