Steampunk copper sculptures by Pierre Matter

Pierre Matter who, as he calls himself, was a mystical child, then a tormented teenager, has gone through multiple techniques, styles and materials before he finally came to copper, aluminium and rubber.
A person who mixes machines, animals and humans... A person who actively uses the steampunk style to deliver  his own global and industrial messages hidden in the works of his. Lots of work, lots of materials (some of his works weight a tonn or more) and great results for you to enjoy.


  1. BEAUTIFUL work!!!!

  2. Oh yeah, that looks very cool. Copper and brass works very well for that steampunk style. I suppose it's thanks to the color and texture of the metal. Stuff like chrome and steel are much more suited for, say, cyberpunk, while copper provides a kind of glow that suits Victorian-era styles.