Logo Nest 01 Book unpacked

The day is really great... Not just because two new logo design projects start today but also, and maybe mainly, because Logo Nest 01 Book was delivered today...
Guys from Logo Nest did a really great job with their Logo Nest 01 Book and twice more excting to get hold of it knowing and finding my design is featrured there...
2011 is ahead...Hopefully there will be more than one logo of mine in Logo Nest 02...

Sorry for quality...Mobile phone pics.. Just wanted to instantly share with you :)


  1. Це сходинка на шляху до всесвітнього визнання ;) Натхнення і нових досягнень!

  2. Як купиш «The Smashing Book 2» — даси почитать :)

  3. Дякую... Ну а книжечка як тільки буде троха доступніша то чого б і не купить... пра Logo Design Love мені більше до вподоби :)

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