Inspired by Internet. Day 1

Since I got more free time from Friday on, decided to spend some of the extras for sharing the things I get inspired and carried away with while being online during the day... Different things, mostly design related, which I hope you will find interesting to look at and get inspired or excited with.

And of course feel free to share it with the world :)


For all those who can hardly imagine their mornings and creative days without a sip of coffee, now you have a chance to cement your love for coffee with an awesome espressom machine designed by Shmuel Linski.
Yes, that's concrete... and that's what I call a natural design... thought it's not that green :)

See more pics and info, as well as the making of here


With a lot of new mouse concepts being around, it's getting really hard to create something that will really improve things up... But seems that guys from Logitech did manage that.
A hand-shaped mouse that is designed to reduce all pains and discomfort of long-lasting mouse operation was given birth recently and got a cute name G50 Vanguard.

See it in all its beauty and might here


I always knew Sweden is a country of creative thoughts and ideas. Sometimes these ideas come just out of the most ordinary things. We got used not to throw away our toys, we keep old chairs and now it's time to keep your X-ray films, whatever the result is... (I guess positive will work better)
Take a film, mix in some imagination and creativity and... here we go - an X-Ray lamp!

Thanks appartmenttherapy and definitely have a look at designer Sture Pallarp's site

Well, that's all folks! But only for today... New day will bring new inspirations... Check back daily...

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