Inspired by Internet. Day 6

Internet is not much active during the weekend, yet I managed to find some interesting stuff to share with you.
So, here come the best of the Saturday.

An awesome time-killer from Canon. If you are fed up with crosswords and puzzles, get yourself some nice print-cut-glue architecture masterpieces and try what it's like to be an architect and a builder.

Most of them look pretty complicated for me and I guess will take much more time than getting a puzzle done... Though some look pretty easy to assemble... Like the Great Pyramids or the Moai Statues

In any case I think that's a really cool initiative. Read a bit more about it or download some for a try from Canon's Creative Park.

As most creatives, I typically start my day with a cup of morning coffee (usually it's Americano with milk) and sometimes having one more during the day. Thus I just couldn't stay aside from such a creative use of the coffee sack. A really cool deck chair, isn't it?

Next time I go to buy coffee I will ask if they have a spare coffee sack...
Thanks Cafe Direct

Typically we use cushions to add some decorative accents to the room... to add some color... to bring it balance by matching them to the curtains, etc, etc...
But why not to use cushion to get some furniture... Just the way a German designer Christiane Hogner did.

Taking into account the fact that the sofa is exhibited in an old prison in Turin, it looks more than comfortable...
You may see some more pics of this sofa here

How many times we tell oursselves... No, I will never be tricked... I'm smart... I can tell where the truth is...
Well, then test yourself with an awesome set of  transparent screens photos from Smashing Magazine.
Here are my faves...

Like those? There are much more waiting for you... A hint... They are all fakes :)

Another great discovery after the moustache blog was made today...
A nice site about the designers' workspaces... 

I found quite a number of interesting ideas there which will definitely take into account for my home office... which will also go to the wherewedesign when done... (wish it were already)

So, that was a final ingredient of the todays cocktail of interesting stuff... Come tomorrow for the best of the week... See you!

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