Inspired by Internet. Day 2

The day was pretyy busy with lots of design work, so didn't have much time for surfing and reading...
Yet, I got two things online that I would like to share... The first one is a pretty cool blog with nice design works to be found there... You may say there're a lot of design blogs around... But not like this one... it's all about...

I guess I can't say better about them, as they say themselves
"Moustache-blog is for the lovin´ soul who let moustaches enrich their life :) Spread the joyful message of the moustache!

Not taking into account my being subjective due to wearing moustache and beard :), I do recommend to have a look at their site... Lots of exciting things there...

Have you ever thought that the world full of weird creatures and monsters can live in the office supplies? Unless you are a freaky creative designer, I bet  you havent.
Well, things are damn easy... here's a recipe - Take a pen...Use ink... Add imagination... And here we are... You just released the creatures into our worl...

That's how John Kenn does it... Dead easy... And new creatures appear... One or many... Scary or not... Freaky or spooky... They all are so great!

I wish I could have a large picture of this one

If you like those pics, definitely go and have a look at the monster's world from the Post-it...

That's it for today... Looking forward to a new day and new inspirations... See you tomorrow!

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