Salami CD packaging. Creative and unexpected design by Mother Eleganza

Last time I was same impressed when I saw the Blood energy potion.That was unexpected, unusual, and totally different... Same emotions with this creative CD pacacking designed by Mother Eleganza for LOWVIBE label.
That's one of the things that you see once and then tell at least a dozen people about... Well, I told to much more just now :) You don't even need to have it signed... you can hardly forget whose tracks are there... Though I'm afraid that packaging may be way cooler than the music... Nothing personal :)

Thanks Dieline for this great inspiration


  1. This is really unique style of CD packing. I am surprised to see this design cause I never seen it before. It’s really cool and innovative. I am surely going to all this to all my friends. The color, design and packing everything is perfect. Thanks sharing these designs with us.