Back and playing around with the Blogger designer

I'm finally back.. That was a long break mainly due to work and some family matters.
Good news I'm almost done with the home office so the pics and "the making of" will come next week I hope.
Still there's a point with furniture and the like but I finally got my own nook  of 6.5 square meters :)

In between did some nice design works on packaging and print design. Those happen to even overtake my typical logo works :)

Oh, and I find new Blogger designer a fun to use... Really easy to get interface... Will see what it can.. So if you come and see design changing within next week - don't worry :)

Come back for more... I'm gonna be here regularly from now on :)

P.S. Forgot to say, cafepress shop is to open soon with  prints from 365designs and thsirts I made recently...
E.g. like this one...

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